Now carrying Durasol and SunSetter Pro Awnings!

Increase your living space...with the touch of a button! 30 SPF in 30 seconds! Imagine an oasis of shaded bliss. The allure of Durasol is...they make an outdoor living space more delightful, and comforting while entertaining family and friends.

Durasol Awnings are designed for ease of use. Practical features make Durasol awnings effortless to open and close. Their Somfy motor is the industry leader.

If you have been looking for a quality awning with optional retractable screen, or fixed canopy with your company logo, Granville and Durasol is a great place to start. Come see us soon to see how you can extend the life of your deck or patio, by protecting it from UV rays! Granville Stone has the perfect shading solutions for you deck, patio or outdoor living space. Visit our showroom and view our many displays. With the most retractable awnings on display in the area, Granville has you covered!

Durasol Bella

One of our more popular models. This extraordinary awning incorporates a patented tipping system, allowing the awning to extend straight out, then tip down to attain up to a 53º pitch. The Bella is a practical yet elegant addition that will last for years

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Durasol Carina

The SunCassette Carina is designed for durability and longevity. Relaxing under a Durasol awning can be a wonderful way to enjoy a lazy afternoon or an evening of entertainment. The Carina retractable awning is ideal for wall and roof mount applications.

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Durasol Elite Plus

The Elite Plus is an adjustable retratable awning system that allows you to fine tune your late day sun protection. The optional "R-Pitch" adjustable shoulder with it patented swivel wrist allows you to drop each corner independently with a simple eyelet

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Durasol Gennius

The GENNIUS is a unique concept in retractable awning systems. The GENNIUS can stand up to the wind, protect you from the rain or harmful UV sun-rays and keep you cool and comfortable in the brightest sunshine. It combines the beauty of a pergola, the fl

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Durasol Pinnacle One

The Pinnacle One is a retractable shading system that can be used individually or combined with multiple units. The Pinnacle One also features a semi-cassette style housing that incorporates a brush to prevent debris from rolling up wiht the fabric into t

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Durasol Regal

The Sun Shelter Regal is our most affordable retractable awning, where style meets value. Adding charm and value the Regal gracefully complements the exterior of any home. Simple yet refined this is Durasol's entry level awning with a charming look.

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Sunsetter 1000XT

The SunSetter 1000XT is an easy to use adaptable awning that lets you outsmart the weather! Operated with adjustable vertical support arms the SunSetter 1000XT gives you outstanding strength and stability. Looking for a screen room? The SunSetter 1000XT c

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Sunsetter Easy Shade

The SunSetter Easy Shade is an easy to use window shade. Whether you're looking for privacy, shade, or breeze protection the SunSetter Easy Shade can work for you. Available in manual crank, motorized or the NEW solar motorized options. An easy way to kee

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Sunsetter Motorized

New for 2015. The SunSetter Motorized and Motorized XL Awnings offers us a retractable awning at a great value. This SunSetter model offers motorized operation only with a push of a button. Included with the awning you receive a Somfy Remote control for e

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Sunsetter Oasis

The SunSetter Oasis awning is one of a kind! Don't have a place to mount a traditional retractable awning? Or looking for shade in a place away from the house? The Oasis can work in almost any situation. This freestanding retractable unit that can go anyw

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Sunsetter Pro / Pro XL

New for 2015. The Sunsetter Motorized PRO and PRO XL Awnings offer the ultimate motorized experience in Retractable Awnings. The top of line Sunsetter model, this awning is available with a standard built-in Weatherbreaker panel.

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Sunsetter Vista

The SunSetter Vista awning is a great choice for an entry level, lateral arm, retractable awning. This model is hand operated and very easy to use. Very similar to the other SunSetter models, this unit doesn't require electricity and can be installed almo

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