Summer Pellet Sale


Looking for a Pellet Stove this season? Want to save some money? Purchase a Ravelli Pellet Stove until September 30th and you will save $300 bucks! Buy the best selling Ravelli RV80 and start the season with $300 extra in your pocket! 


Time for some Outdoor Patio Furniture


We are getting exciting for spring and introducing some of our new products! Starting this year we will be carring a large inventory of Outdoor Patio Furniture! Ranging in style, price, quality and color we will be stocked up to help outfit your patio or deck this season! We are excited to carry the latest colors and trends for 2017. Outdoor Patio Furniture fits prefectly into our mix of Outdoor Living and Hardscape Products and will accent any new or existing space you have.



Winter Sale - Ravelli Pellet

Winter Sale - Ravelli Pellet Stoves

Still plenty of cold days and nights left this winter. Just announced now you can save $300.00 on any of our best selling Ravelli Pellet Stoves! Ravelli has also added an additional $300 savings to their Pellet Insert. This totals a $600 savings for the Ravelli Roma!



*NEW* Pellet Insert Fireplace


We are excited to announce the arriveal of the NEW Ravelli Roma Pellet Insert. This has been a few years in the making, and after seeing this turn from a prototype to a reality, we can't wait to share with you this new Pellet Insert!



Save money heating your home!


If you are considering an alternative heating source for your home, now is a great time to buy! In partnership with Regency Fireplace Products, we are offering a Winter Savings Sale event from January 6th - February 20th. Save on all Wood, Pellet and Gas products manufactured by Regency!



The Ultimate Garage Makeover


A library in a garage? That's what this customer in Hampden just finished doing. We just finished installing this Gas Fireplace over a customers garage to complete his ultimate man cave library! Complete with a 40,000 BTU Mendota firepace and reclaimed brick veneer.