Now in stock Echo Power Equipment

Stop into our Holden showroom and you will notice something new on our floor. Echo Power Equipment! We have a great line of chainsaws, blowers, string trimmers, and all the accessories and service parts you need.


The advantages to adding a Fireplace Insert to your home


Many customers visit our showroom to talk to us about their desire to add a fireplace to their home or camp. Many homes in the state of Maine have at least one traditional, masonry fireplace that is hardly used and very in- efficient. A great option for many people is to add a new Fireplace Insert to the home. The insert would slide into the existing fireplace, changing that drafty fireplace into a high efficient heater!


Now carrying Ravelli high quality Pellet Stoves

We are proud to introduce our new line of Ravelli Pellet Stoves. We began selling this line in September beginning with the Ravelli RV-80. Once we burned this unit in the store, we were sold! Ravelli has done such a great job in the design and engineering of their stoves, they have quickly become our most popular line of pellet stoves.


What to know about purchasing a Gas Fireplace


What to Expect From a Good Fireplace Sales Professional

Purchasing a Gas Fireplace is similar to any other project intended to improve a home. There is the planning stage where the homeowner will go out and seek expert advice to help make the process easier. This expert advice can be sought at Granville Stone & Hearth.  When it comes to purchasing and installing a fireplace, many people do not realize how helpful a good fireplace sales representative can be.


What to know about Hearth Installation

What a Homeowner Needs to Know About Hearth Installation

What is a fireplace hearth? A fireplace hearth is that stone or concrete area in front of the fireplace that adds to the design of the fireplace and protects the rest of the home from the heat and embers a fire can generate. When a homeowner starts to plan a fireplace installation project, an important part of that the project is the hearth installation.


What are the advantages to a Gas Insert?

Warming Up to Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts add comfort, style and value to your home. Modern fireplace inserts can efficiently heat just one room or an entire home, depending upon the location of the insert and square footage of the building. If you currently have a fireplace in your home, consider purchasing a fireplace insert before cold weather hits.