What is new in Wood Stove technology.

Some Advantages of Modern Wood Stoves

Thanks to rising heating bills, there is a renewed interest in alternative methods of heating homes and businesses. Wood stoves are one heating method that is increasing in popularity. With a variety of designs and technological advances, modern wood stoves are much more efficient than older models.


What is a Hearth? Why you need one!


A fireplace can be an elegant, upscale and energy-saving part of a cozy home, but a fireplace with a dirty, damaged hearth detracts from the look of a house. In fact, a fireplace with a worn, out-of-fashion hearth may leave guests wondering how safe the home is.


Why buy a fireplace from us

Hearth Store

For anyone who has a fireplace, maintenance is important and the Hearth Store at Granville Hearth can help make it easier to keep any fireplace and its hearth in beautiful condition for years on end. Also, if customers are looking to either create and design a new hearth for their fireplace or spruce up the original one, the Granville Hearth Store can easily help with that project, as well.


Fireplace and Stove Repair and Service

Hearth and Stove Repair

Fireplaces, hearths, and heat producing stoves are an important part of many homes. When well maintained, these house-wares can provide heat, aesthetic beauty, enjoyment, and even increased home value. When they are not maintained, they will cease to provide these things, and in addition, can create some real safety concerns.


Introduction to Home & Hearth

Hearth And Home Decorating Ideas

Hearth and home accessories make your living space a great place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Whether you install an outdoor kitchen or a gas fireplace, your home will have that hearth and home family atmosphere. When you choose to install a gas fireplace in your home, you can save money on your utility bills. While a central heating system heats your entire home including the rooms you don't use, a gas fireplace can be installed in any room of your home.


What is available for Fireplace Accessories

Getting the Right Fireplace Accessories and Supplies

Owning a fireplace means having the right fireplace accessories and supplies on hand to enjoy the fireplace properly. Homeowners can sometimes take for granted how important it is to have the proper accessories to safely use a fireplace. Without the right equipment on hand, you may experience damage or even personal injury as a result of fireplace related issues.