What are pre cast wall systems?

Pre Cast Wall Systems

For anyone who may be building a home or creating addition for their existing home, they may need to consider the need for pre cast wall systems, among many other materials for the construction of this new space. Granville's superior quality of products, as well as the vast inventory on hand and available by request, will help customers make the renovations, refurbishments or additions to make their home ideal. Pre cast wall systems are the foundation for this exciting prospect set to benefit the entire family and add value to the family home.


Basics of Clay brick and pavers

People Choose Clay Brick for Various Reasons

People choose clay brick for a variety of reasons. Some builders appreciate the aesthetic appeal of natural colors, shapes, and textures while other people want energy efficient building materials. Consumers often prefer clay brick for housing and outdoor paving areas because they want to use materials that require very little maintenance and provide good protection against fire.


The ease of working with pavers and wall sytems

Paving And Wall Systems

Paving and wall systems are beautiful and functional additions to both residential and commercial landscaping projects that increase the safety of a property while making it look great.

Interlocking concrete pavers, natural stone products and other paving solutions define driveways, walkways and patios, helping to keep vehicle traffic and foot traffic where they belong. Wall systems make sure dirt stays where the builders and landscapers put it, keeping foundations firm and plantings in place.


Large variety of Natural Stone

Natural Stone Maine

For homeowners or business owners looking to make landscaping changes with the use of natural stone Maine, Granville Stone will be able to meet any customer's needs for any given project. Projects may vary from person to person or from business to business, depending on aesthetic preferences.


Landscape Design Service


Choosing the Perfect Landscape Design Service

Choosing the landscape design service that is right for your property can be easier said than done. This is especially true for individuals who live in large homes, in which case landscaping is often difficult to approach. The fact is, however, finding the perfect landscape design service doesn't have to be nearly as difficult as many people make it out to be, so long as the right amount of effort is put into the process. The more you can do to determine what is best for your home; the better off you'll be in the end.


What type of stone do we carry?

Granville Stone -- Design and Installation

Stone has become increasingly more popular and can be used to change the entire look of a fireplace, home, backyard, driveway, pavement and more. Granville Stone specializes in paving and wall systems, outdoor living, natural stone and stone veneer.

Natural Stone: