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Natural Stone Maine

For homeowners or business owners looking to make landscaping changes with the use of natural stone Maine, Granville Stone will be able to meet any customer's needs for any given project. Projects may vary from person to person or from business to business, depending on aesthetic preferences.


Landscape Design Service


Choosing the Perfect Landscape Design Service

Choosing the landscape design service that is right for your property can be easier said than done. This is especially true for individuals who live in large homes, in which case landscaping is often difficult to approach. The fact is, however, finding the perfect landscape design service doesn't have to be nearly as difficult as many people make it out to be, so long as the right amount of effort is put into the process. The more you can do to determine what is best for your home; the better off you'll be in the end.


What type of stone do we carry?

Granville Stone -- Design and Installation

Stone has become increasingly more popular and can be used to change the entire look of a fireplace, home, backyard, driveway, pavement and more. Granville Stone specializes in paving and wall systems, outdoor living, natural stone and stone veneer.

Natural Stone:


Basic info on Maine Granite

Granite Uses and Benefits

Granite is a very common material for building in both interior and exterior settings. It has been used outdoors to construct bridges, monuments and buildings. Indoors it is ideal for floors, stair treads, fireplace mantels and hearths and countertops. Outdoors it is ideal for steps, statuaries, posts, walkways, walls and more.


Now carring retractable awnings

The Joy that Comes with Owning an Awning - Granville Stone Sells and Services in the Bangor & Ellsworth Maine areas.

Retractable Awnings have been a mainstay on homes and businesses since they were first used by the ancient Egyptians and Syrians to shade homes and market stalls. More recently, awnings had become popular following the Civil War as iron plumbing pipe became readily available and was adapted to act as frames. The benefits of awnings are numerous and people still favor them today as a way to not only provide shade, but protect homes and businesses.

One reason why people love awnings is because of the reduction they see in their energy bills. The awning helps to protect the home or business from sun exposure and this helps to keep the temperature of the building lower. This greatly reduces the workload of the air conditioning unit and keeps guests and customers more comfortable.