*NEW* Pellet Insert Fireplace


We are excited to announce the arriveal of the NEW Ravelli Roma Pellet Insert. This has been a few years in the making, and after seeing this turn from a prototype to a reality, we can't wait to share with you this new Pellet Insert!



This insert is the best looking and performing we have seen on the market today. Available in brown enamel and painted black, the Ravelli Roma has styling to fit any decor. Not only does is look good, but the performance of this pellet insert is incredible.

50,000 BTU will almost heat any size house out there! We love the built-in service rails. Within a few seconds you can roll the Roma right out of the hole to do any service or cleaning needed. And like any other Ravelli Pellet Stove, this thing is quiet!

Come see if for yourself. On display in Holden!