What is stone veneer?

Warm a Room with Stone Veneer

Stone veneer adds character and texture inside the home and outdoors. It is a popular choice for home improvement projects such as fireplaces, gardens, interior walls and external siding. It is as beautiful as natural stone yet is lighter and more cost effective.

What Is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a building material that resembles natural stone. It is thin and commonly used for decorating walls and surfaces both indoors and outdoors.  The manufactured stone is made by pouring a concrete mix into different sized and shaped molds. Coloring is added so that it appears as real stone. Mortar is used to attach it to walls.  Often manufactured stone is made with Portland cement, natural and lightweight aggregates and colored with iron oxide pigments.  Natural stone can also be used to make stone veneer. Quarried or field stone is cut into lightweight slices so that it can be used as veneer.  Sometimes thin layers are pulled from sandstone and slate. A backing is applied to form flexible stone veneer.


Besides the fact that manufactured stone is beautiful with its texture and natural colors, it also:
• Costs less than real stone
• The material and the application are affordable
• It is light and easy to work with
• No need for wall ties and footings
• Large variety of colors and designs
• Less waste

It is important to note that manufactured stone is not as strong as real stone and may not be reusable. Sometimes a custom color can be mixed to match the existing stone structure.  Decorative pieces can be hung on walls of manufactured stone. Simply drill into the mortar and if the artwork needs moved the hole is easily repaired. Touch-up kits can repair chips and cracks.  Cleaning manufactured stone is as simple as using a soft bristle brush. A mild detergent followed by rinsing with clean water can be used for tougher cleaning jobs.


Stone veneer can be used in many home improvement do-it-yourself projects. Some ideas include:

• Outdoor BBQ area
• Wine cellar wall
• Stone wall along path
• Outline a fireplace
• Exterior walls of an entryway
• Home façade
• Water feature
• Columns and arches
• Signs
• And much more

There are an endless array of applications that stone veneer can be used for to enhance a home’s value and feel. Consult stone veneer specialists at Granville Stone to assist with home improvement projects.

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