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What is Available for Fireplace Accessories?

Owning a fireplace means having the right fireplace accessories and supplies on hand to enjoy the fireplace properly. Homeowners can sometimes take for granted how important it is to have the proper accessories to safely use a fireplace. Without the right equipment on hand, you may experience damage or even personal injury as a result of fireplace related issues.

Maintenance Kit

The ideal picture of a fireplace usually has the standard fireplace accessories and supplies in a stand next to the open hearth. A good fireplace maintenance kit consists of a small shovel, a poker, large metal tongs, and a small broom. Each piece has an important part to play in maintaining and using your fireplace properly.

The shovel is critical in keeping the fireplace clean. The shovel is used to remove the debris from previous fires that include ashes and burnt wood remains. The reason it is important to remove this debris is, under the right circumstances, it can catch fire and cause your soothing fireplace fire to rage out of control.

A poker is used primarily for two purposes. The first is to do what is called stoking the fire. This is when a homeowner would poke the logs to knock off the burned outer shell and get to the wood in the middle that can still burn. Another important function of the poker is to move logs that are starting to fall apart. This is one of the fireplace accessories and supplies that can help prevent embers and logs from falling out of the fireplace and landing onto the rug.

The metal tongs are used to place new logs on a fire that is already burning. When using fireplace accessories and supplies to fuel an already burning fire, it is critical to be careful to avoid injury. The broom is used in conjunction to remove ashes and debris from the fireplace as part of routine maintenance. The shovel acts as a sort of dustpan that the debris is swept into.

Fuel For The Fire

Fireplace accessories and supplies include the fuel needed to allow the fire to burn. If the fireplace is run by natural gas, then there is no need for supplies. Some other fuel options to consider include pellets and wood.

The trained fireplace sales professionals at Granville Hearth can help to choose the kind of fireplace that would work best in your home. Fireplace accessories and supplies are critical to the safe, effective operation of a fireplace. A homeowner should be sure to always have the proper equipment and supplies on hand at all times.

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