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Choosing a Successful Fireplace Design

Fireplace design is a critical component in the overall design of a home. Depending on the designer’s intentions, a fireplace can become a focal point that skillfully draws attention through each of the design elements in a room. It can be a subtle background compliment to a skillful design.

If the fireplace design is out of balance with the rest of the room, it can detract from the effect, drawing too much or not enough attention. Careful consideration of the design should be made in the beginning to ensure a design that is satisfying and effective for many years.

Elements of a Successful Fireplace Design

A fireplace must work with its surroundings. Brick may be stable and steady, but other options are more suitable in a modern room. Natural stone is an excellent complement to most design themes but can easily be overbearing in a minimalistic design. The most important consideration is that the fireplace works in tandem with other room elements to create a flowing, harmonious effect. Because tastes and other room décor can change, and adaptable fireplace design will provide more long-term benefits.

Costs of Different Fireplace Designs

There are design options to match every budget. Natural stone in whole slabs may be too costly for some plans, but tasteful stone veneers can provide a cost-effective, equally classy alternative. Likewise, the traditional look of brick complements many design themes while offering one of the most cost-effective fireplace design solutions available. For a truly luxurious look, carved granite or marble can provide a classy, upscale look that will last for generations.

Fireplace Maintenance Concerns

Another critical factor in designing a fireplace is the amount of maintenance required. Solid stone slabs require little in the way of regular maintenance but may need to be polished occasionally. Brick fireplaces may need repair if a brick breaks loose.

Metal fireplace surrounds are light and strong. However, they are susceptible to rust if exposed to moisture in the form of spilled drinks, leaking vases, or other accidents. Choosing a design that considers the amount of maintenance a homeowner is willing to undertake can be significant.

The most successful fireplace design balances other room elements, is pleasing to the homeowner, and fits well within the allotted budget. A fireplace will last for many years, so choosing the right design in the beginning, will help maximize the investment and provide a satisfying design element that will withstand the test of time. Granville Hearth has fireplace experts to help you pick the right one for your home.

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