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What are the advantages to a Gas Insert?

Warming Up to Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts add comfort, style and value to your home. Modern fireplace inserts can efficiently heat just one room or an entire home, depending upon the location of the insert and square footage of the building. If you currently have a fireplace in your home, consider purchasing a fireplace insert before cold weather hits.

One distinct benefit of a fireplace insert is being able to take advantage of an existing fireplace box and chimney. This reduces your overall costs. An insert slides directly into the fireplace opening and utilizes the chimney for venting. Take measurements of the fireplace and visit your local insert showroom. You’ll find an insert that’s perfect for your home.

Fireplace inserts are much more energy efficient than a traditional fireplace. Most of the heat generated by a fireplace goes straight up the chimney and away from your family. An insert keeps the heated air contained within the firebox and a blower or fan pushes the air into the room. This way the generated heat flows where it’s needed most.

The fireplace inserts manufactured today are more technologically advanced than models made even a few years ago. Some models include catalytic converters that increase the efficiency of the stove. Others have ceramic instead of cast iron fireboxes allowing them to use less fuel and heat a room faster.

An insert can burn three types of fuel – wood, wood pellets and gas. Traditional wood burners provide a hot fire and beautiful and comforting flame yet require the most effort from the homeowner. It is becoming increasingly difficult in some areas of the country to find wood to purchase at a good price. Plus there are the added issues of wood storage as well as having to haul in wood. Pellet stoves are slightly more efficient than wood burners but they also require purchase and storage of bags of fuel. Some models of pellet stoves need to have their hoppers filled frequently throughout the day. Gas fireplace inserts require the least time and effort from the homeowner. There’s no fuel to purchase, store and haul into the house. A simple click of the switch and your stove is operational.

Fireplace inserts are an efficient, economical way to heat part or all of your home. They are stylish, long lasting and provide a way of heating without turning on the expensive furnace. In addition to their good looks and inviting flame, there’s nothing like warming up next to a fireplace insert on a cold and blustery winter day.

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