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What to Know About Hearth Installation

What is a fireplace hearth? A fireplace hearth is that stone or concrete area in front of the fireplace that adds to the design of the fireplace and protects the rest of the home from the heat and embers a fire can generate. When a homeowner starts to plan a fireplace installation project, an important part of that project is the hearth installation.

When planning a hearth installation project, there are several elements to keep in mind. A good hearth not only adds to the ambiance of the room, but it is also a functional part of the fireplace. The planning of a hearth installation project should be kept to a professional that knows how to get the project done properly.


Where the hearth is placed is just as important as any other part of the hearth installation project. Most hearths are made of heavy concrete, tile, and stone. If those kinds of materials are placed on a surface that cannot support them, then there will be structural damage. The worst-case scenario is installing heavy materials that do not show any immediate signs of causing significant stress to the floor below. Over time, the floor will become weak, and catastrophic damage could occur.


Not all hearth installation materials are the same. Some homeowners prefer to use more expensive materials for that good impression it gives to others. Other homeowners do not mind using stamped and stained concrete to save money but still give that same look.

Once again, the materials chosen to do a hearth project can be dependent on the stress that the floor can take. Tile tends to be lighter and can be the best choice for a floor that is not able to handle concrete. But if there is nothing but solid foundation under the hearth location, then concrete would work just fine.


A homeowner can get extremely creative with the hearth design and wind up with a very elaborate hearth installation. In some cases, an elaborate design may not fit with the rest of the room decor. If a complete room remodeling project is not being planned, then it is best to create a design that works with the rest of the room rather than creating something that will stand out too much.

Some people like to create elaborate patterns and images in their hearth designs. All of this is at the discretion of the homeowner and can be accomplished by a professional installation team.

A hearth is very important to the final look and functionality of a fireplace. A homeowner needs to consult with a hearth installation expert, such as the ones at Granville Hearth, to make sure that the final design is exactly what they want.

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