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Why a pellet stove is right for you

Evolution of Pellet Stoves

Heating systems have been around for thousands of years. Systems in Ancient Rome used hot water underground to keep their homes warm. Since then the heating industry has continuously progressed. In the early 20th Century wood stoves were most often used to keep homes warm, but since then central heating systems have been using gas or electricity to keep residences warm. In a strange twist, the past decade has seen a reemergence of wood heating apparatuses. Though not the same as wood stoves of antiquity, pellet stoves work on a very similar principle to keep warm air flowing through a building.

Pellet stoves are stoves that use either biomass or wood pellets as a fuel to keep a residence or building warm during cold months. These pellets are actually compressed material that are put into the stove and create a constant flame. These stoves are capable of being installed in fireplaces or connected to existing central heating systems. This may seem like an Old World idea, but the technology has only recently evolved into an economical way to actually heat a home.

The idea of pellet stoves evolved from scrap wood burners that were around since the early 20th Century. Scrap wood and sawdust was often used to keep heat in homes, and in 1930 the Presto-Log was created using scrap sawdust. This product is a direct ancestor of the first pellet stove which emerged around the 1980s. Since the ‘80s, pellet stoves have evolved from primitive looking metal boxes into sometimes ornamental devices that can not only heat a home, but accentuate it.

Pellet stoves are gaining popularity for several reasons. Most of these stoves are capable of controlling their own power by using a thermostat. The stoves need little or no human interaction to start up and work continuously as needed. The pellets used in these stoves also produce very little byproduct. High quality pellets produce only a small layer of ash after being burned. Another thing that many homeowners love is that in most American states, pellet stoves with a 75% efficiency rating can receive a tax credit matching 30% of the price of the stove and installation.

With energy costs on a constant rise in the world, pellet stoves are a breath of fresh air. They not only work as well as other types of heating apparatuses, but they save money and are safer for the environment. These stoves continue to gain popularity, and once everyone knows their capabilities they may just become the new mass heater of the future.

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